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Our specialist Security Drivers all hold the Home Office VIP Anti-Hijack certification as well as police advanced driver qualifications. Four of our drivers are also former police advanced driving instructors.

Our in-house Corporate Chauffeurs come from a variety of backgrounds including police and embassy drivers and have successfully undertaken our internal driver-training programme operated by our Senior Instructor, Paul Gridley. 

Having the correct insurance for providing secure transportation for at risk passengers and high value assets is absolutely crucial but extremely expensive and we are aware that some companies offering this service rely on their ordinary Private Hire Insurance to provide you with cover. Many companies that offer this service do not carry out this specialist transportation often enough to justify the cost so do not disclose to their insurers exactly what they do. Offering Security Driving Services or High Value Asset Transportation is not covered by a policy under chauffeur services and if things go wrong, you will not be covered for any loss or injuries.

Here at Security Drivers, we have the absolute full insurance cover from specialist insurers at Lloyds of London to provide these services as well as the Close Protection insurance required. We also have specialist, legally required Public Liability Insurance specifically providing us with fully comprehensive cover to transport high value assets. Always ask to see proof of all insurance before booking any company to move your precious items. 

During 2019 we handled 688 separate asset protection journeys within the UK and Europe for various businesses. These assets have included rare cars, cut and uncut diamonds, jewellery, fine art, and gold bullion. We also provide security escorts to goods vehicles carrying large high value loads both within the UK and Europe as well as decoy vehicles where required. 

All asset movements are bespoke to the customer and can be transported using our fully armoured Range Rovers or a choice of various saloons, SUV’s and fully enclosed trailers. We will advise you on the best choice of vehicle in relation to the value of the assets to be transported.

We are located in London, Scotland and Essex and operate throughout the UK and Europe. Our routine areas of operation outside of the UK are: Paris, Luxembourg, Liege, Zurich, Monaco, Spain and Hamburg. 
Charges for our services vary considerably due to the vehicle or vehicles required, number of our staff in each vehicle, the mileage and time taken and in some cases, the risk factor involved. Every one of our services is totally bespoke to each individual client and a written quote will always be provided by us on request. 

If you feel happy doing so, there is no reason why you cannot transport your high value assets yourself; there are many excellent couriers and cash in transit services available to you but these services often involve your assets being collected along with other high value items and taken to a depot for sorting for onward transport in a different vehicle to its onward destination. In some cases, a very obvious armoured cash in transit vehicle will arrive at your premises to collect your assets. Local businesses and people passing by may quite rightly wonder what valuable items you may be keeping in your property which could increase your risk of burglary.

In contrast, Security Drivers International Ltd will collect your assets and travel directly to the destination and you are very welcome to travel in the vehicle with your property. Our armoured Range Rovers look like any other model so we give no hint of moving high value items.

The security we provide is extremely high as all our vehicles have covert cameras installed which transmit live images which can be viewed in real time at a London office by specially trained security officers who work with us. The cars also have military grade trackers fitted so our security staff not only see what is around us, but also, our exact speed, location and direction of travel.  Our primary route will always be Geo-fenced so any travel off the route will be instantly notified to our security team including switching to the secondary route if the need arises. We have invested in ANPR cameras in selected vehicles as a further aid to keeping all assets safe and secure along with high security safes in each vehicle. 

Our Corporate Car service is available to businesses from our locations in London, Scotland and Essex to any destination in the UK and Europe. These include fixed rate Airport Transfers, Point To Point and by the Hour. Discounts are available to account holders depending on volume of bookings. Accounts can be created by contacting us via our website and we will be happy to assist. 

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