Hiddentec is a long-standing designer and manufacturer of highly advanced tracking equipment.

With nearly two decades of experience and offices internationally, Hiddentec are a truly global presence in the field of tracking technology. In 2012, the company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade; the highest honour a British company can receive.

Hiddentec develops, designs and manufactures a completely secure, stand-alone, impenetrable, tracking solution in-house; including hardware items and control software. The systems are in use in over 50 countries at the highest levels of operation by Counter Terror Units, Serious Crime Units, Narcotics Departments, Federal Agencies, Government Agencies, Military Intelligence Agencies and Blue Chip Corporations.


Caseva supply a wide range of portable security solutions. They have 20 years of security experience dedicated to developing the range to its current standard. These products enable you to deter the opportunist thief, deny access to any unauthorised person and detect if anyone attempts to gain access.

From portable security briefcases and covert containers to safes and hardware cases, Caseva is your portable security solution provider.

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