Inheriting Valuable Assets

Stack of Gold bullion

It is becoming increasingly popular for people to purchase gold coins, gold bullion and rare works of art for investment purposes due to the very low interest rates offered by banks. We are increasingly being required to transport these items, having values ranging from £15,000 to in excess of half a million pounds.

We are being requested to move these items from people’s homes to specialist purpose built high security vaults or solicitors offices that have their own security vaults on the premises. It seems that having had the items at home for a while, they begin to worry about the risk of burglary and theft even when secured in a safe on the premises.

Often these items are being unexpectedly found in homes following the death of a relative, leaving those that are responsible for handling the disposal of the assets with the dilemma of how to do so.

Transporting high value assets for wealthy owners wishing to take their assets from the UK to homes owned around the world is also on the increase.

Secure help is at hand

If you are facing these issues, then Security Drivers International can help by taking the pressure off of you and transporting the items to a secure location of your choice in one of our specialist operational vehicles. Our vehicles are tracked and relay live images from our onboard cameras to a secure server and are monitored during the move

We are able to provide specialist insurance for your goods whilst in our care from Lloyds of London insurers who know us through our dealings with various luxury goods companies in Mayfair London.

Prior to transporting your assets, we provide you with certified identification of our company, the vehicle and the driver as well as proof of insurance cover for your assets to ensure you are satisfied of our authenticity.

We have various car safes and high security tracked briefcases to carry your items and you are welcome to travel in the vehicle with your assets.

Contact the experts

Call us now on 020 3393 2004 or click here to email us.

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