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Security Drivers International Ltd provides bespoke Security Services for high value asset transportation and protection by road, high-end Corporate Car Services, Training and TSCM Services.

Corporate Car Service

Travelling with Security Drivers International Ltd will ensure you arrive safely at your destination feeling relaxed and ready to do business.

Training Courses

Specialist one-to-one practical driving courses delivered by our former police driving instructors for those. Perfect for those who wish to enhance their driving skills and reach a better level of Security Driving standard.

TSCM Services

TSCM primarily involves sweeping an area or vehicle to seek out and remove any unwanted electronic surveillance devices.

Advanced Protection With Secure GPS Technology

Whether you choose to use Security Drivers International’s services to transport and protect your valuable assets, or transport executives, dignitaries and other VIPs safely to their destination; you can feel secure in the knowledge that your service is also being protected by advanced GPS tracking technology used by police, military and government agencies in over 50 countries.

Security Drivers International has been working in partnership with Hiddentec for two decades. Their proven pedigree and track record in the fields of tracking and security gives us the utmost confidence that when security is paramount, and the safety of our valued clients is on the line; theirs is the technology required.

Hiddentec trackers are designed to securely transmit precise location data when it counts, which can then be monitored and tracked in real time by security and law enforcement officers in the event of an emergency situation.

For more information information about Hiddentec, be sure to visit their website at hiddentec.com.

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