Security Escort of Vehicle

Protecting and monitoring your high value load

Security Drivers International regularly provide our vehicles and drivers to escort High Value Loads both within the UK and Europe where the load requires to be moved in a goods vehicle.

High security

Our Security Escort of Vehicle services provide protection for high value loads, such as large works of art and electronics, which require the presence of security personnel in case of any criminal intent on its route.

We use a variety of vehicles which can carry up to four security officers. All are equipped with HD CCTV which is recorded to the vehicle itself and, importantly, is also recorded and transmitted live to our servers in London.

Our vehicle’s integrated tracker will constantly show our exact location so in the event the load is hijacked we can inform the local police and have film of the event to assist in its recovery.

Magnetic tracker

If requested, we can place a high-end magnetic tracker to the escorted vehicle without the knowledge of the drivers so that we can follow at a distance and monitor its speed and exact location in the event the vehicle is hijacked. This can be monitored live by our security staff in London if requested as well as in the escorting vehicle.
Discuss your requirements with a security expert

For a security escort for your high value load, please contact our fully trained, experienced experts today for a no obligation assessment.

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