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For over two decades Security Drivers International Ltd has been providing bespoke asset Security Services and high-end Corporate Car Services to companies in the aerospace, shipping, jewellery, fine art, bullion, television, banking and medical device industries, as well as high profile celebrities and government departments.

Major player

Security Drivers International Ltd (SDI) was originally founded in 1995 by John English, a former police officer who throughout his career worked as a traffic patrol officer, police advanced driving instructor, firearms officer and as a member of the royalty and dignitary protection group.

The business was initially marketed as a high-end corporate car service to local businesses, with several former police Royalty Protection Drivers taking on the rapidly increasing workload.

This included collecting cash for payroll to employees, valuable jewellery and fine art which had been purchased by our clients at several high-end London stores and delivering it safely to their homes.

Security Drivers International Ltd was incorporated in 2001 and by this time was a major player in the Hand Carrying of valuable assets and transporting them by road in high powered vehicles.


SDI have been at the forefront of innovation in minimising the risks associated with Mobile Security Escorts of High Value Assets and have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology including armoured vehicles, in-car CCTV, ANPR cameras and military grade tracking systems.

Add to this our highly qualified former police drivers, each holding the Home Office approved VIP Anti-Hijack police driving course—five of them also qualified police advanced driving instructors, this provides a formidable presence when transporting any high value assets.

Today, SDI offer a variety of specialist bespoke security services, while a high-end Corporate Chauffeur Service compliments our portfolio.

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