Customer Service Charter

The aim of our customer service charter is to help us continually improve all aspects of our service delivery in seeking to:

  • Provide a first-class service to our existing and new customers
  • Continue to expand the business by offering complimentary services to assist existing and new customers

To help us do this we will:

  • Provide a safe and secure environment for our customers
  • Provide a discreet, bespoke and professional service that focuses on ensuring our customers, their staff and their property is looked after and protected whilst it is in our care
  • Maintain secure facilities for the retention of customer information
  • Maintain secure facilities for all of our operational vehicles, vehicle ANPR & CCTV systems and our back-office procedures
  • Utilise regularly maintained and valeted prestige vehicles for our services
  • Offer secure vehicles should the requirements be appropriate
  • Provide Security Drivers who have significant and pertinent experience gained as members of the police, royal protection or military facilities for all specialist security operations
  • Provide Chauffeurs who have significant and pertinent experience gained with us or other approved chauffeur companies for at least five years
  • Take on additional duties for customers that compliment our existing services in order to aid the customer
  • Provide a 24/7 service to our customers
  • Provide a 100% reliable service that fully meets the customers’ specifications
  • Refuse work where we feel that we will not be able to provide a service that jeopardises the safety of our customers, their staff, their property or our staff
  • Record any instance where the service provided is different to what was requested for feedback purposes

Our customer service standards are:

  • For new customers the main way of contacting us is by email, phone or social media. We will respond to any new contact the same day
  • Existing customers normally call or email us – we respond within the hour
  • All staff interacting with customers wear suits, shirt and ties
  • Staff will interact with the customers to establish if they prefer to interact or not

To enable us to provide the service we aim to provide we require our customers to:

  • Mirror our confidentiality processes in respect of information and data pertaining to our services
  • Provide precise and accurate information regarding the details of the specific job requirements
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