Hand Carry of High Value Assets

The most discreet way for your high value items to reach their destination

Security Drivers International provide a secure and discreet Hand Carry service to transport your high value items.

Speed and secrecy

For the movement of your high value assets from one location to another there are only really two options available to you:

Your choice depends on how quickly you require your items to reach their destination and what type of vehicle you want arriving at the premises where the assets are located and to be delivered. Read on for our comparison of these two services.

Our Hand Carry of High Value Assets service is available exclusively to business customers only.

Hand Carry Assets

Should you require your items be delivered as soon as possible either in the UK or overseas, then Hand Carry is the quickest option. Importantly, it is also the most discreet option.

With Security Drivers International’s Hand Carry service, we collect your own people along with the asset and, depending on its value, use a high-end saloon or one of our armoured cars. These vehicles are indistinguishable from any other model on the road, thereby not attracting any unwanted attention at both your pickup and delivery destinations, such as your home or business premises.

We then deliver the item either directly to a UK address or the airport, ensuring the item arrives at its destination in the shortest possible time.

The discretion of our Hand Carry service ensures that people will be none the wiser that you have transported your high value items.

Cash in Transit

If there is no urgency involved and no discretion required, then delivery of high value items to other parts of the UK or overseas is usually carried out by using one of the excellent Cash in Transit companies in the UK.

This entails your item being collected by a very obvious Cash in Transit armoured vehicle. The delivery can be made anywhere within the UK subject to previous arrangements being made with the company.

If your items are to be shipped overseas, they would then usually be delivered to the company’s own secure facility, along with other assets picked up on route. Once the necessary forms are completed, it is delivered to the airline handling the shipment and sent to its destination.

On arrival at the destination, the whole process is carried out in reverse and assets can take several days to reach the customer.

Need to discreetly transport high value assets?

Why choose us?

Premium service

At Security Drivers International we understand that it can be difficult to find a company you can trust that will safely transport your high value assets by road. With us however, you can rest assured that you will receive a premium service which is discreet, bespoke and professional and comes with endorsements and references from our existing clients.

We have an enviable client base who trust us to safeguard their jewellery, diamonds, gold, money and art with our luxury courier service and security escort services. This includes supporting a number of businesses across Mayfair with our diamond delivery service.

We ship luxury goods on a daily basis and pride ourselves in our flexibility, discretion and impeccable safety record.

Armoured vehicles with military grade technology

Our special operations vehicles have HD CCTV cameras, trackers and various electronic devices, all of military grade, which are supplied and installed by two of the companies who provide this service for the UK Police.

Expertise second to none

Our Security Drivers are former police officers who hold the Home Office National Certification to provide VIP Anti-Hijack Security Escorts, having successfully completed and passed the recognised course. They will have provided protection to members of the Royal family, government ministers and overseas dignitaries visiting the UK.

Two of our staff are police driving instructors which allows us to continually monitor the high standards that we provide to clients.

We hold ISO 9001 certification

This achievement reflects our continued drive to delivering the very best courier and chauffeuring services.

Helping you to reduce costs

EU figures show that the cost to businesses from theft of high value assets in transit, is in excess of €10.2 billion annually.

Our professional former police Royalty Protection drivers and our Armoured Range Rovers (certified to Level B6) provide you with the means to help mitigate any loss and to further reduce your insurance costs.

Additional security options available

With Security Drivers International transporting your high value assets, we can additionally deploy the following tried and trusted measures to further enhance our service. They are completely unobtrusive and provide a further layer of security and protection for you, your people and your assets.

Discuss your requirements with a security expert

For Hand Carry of your high value assets, please contact our fully trained, experienced experts today for a no obligation assessment.

Please note that our Hand Carry of High Value Assets service is available exclusively to business customers only.

Call 020 3393 2004 or use our contact form:

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