Armoured Range Rover

Manufactured exclusively for the ultra-high protection from a ballistic attack

When Security is paramount and the road ahead unknown, our Fully Armoured Range Rovers are your ideal solution.

Enhanced protection

With their innovative design and high level of occupant protection (Level B6), they are ideally suited for the mobile security and transportation of high value assets as well as individuals requiring enhanced protection.

Couple this with our specialist former police Advanced Security Drivers with a Royalty Protection background, fully trained in the instruction and use of Armoured Vehicles and possessing Class One Anti Hijack skills and you have a truly formidable partnership—ideal for high value asset protection.

Your safety is further enhanced by the vehicles having covert cameras and a real-time military grade tracking system as well a full ANPR Camera system.


In our on-going use of cutting-edge and military grade technology to help ensure the safety of your high-value assets, our Armoured Range Rovers have been fitted with the RunFlat system. So now if a tyre becomes deflated, our vehicles are able to continue their journey until its passengers and contents reach a safe place.

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We also have a fleet of vehicles to suit your specific requirements, whether you need to transport an individual or a team of people around the country or beyond. Click here to take a look.

Advanced Protection With Secure GPS Technology

When you travel in one of Security Drivers International’s armoured Range Rovers, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your service is also being protected by advanced GPS tracking technology used by police, military and government agencies in over 50 countries.

Security Drivers International has been working in partnership with Hiddentec for two decades. Their proven pedigree and track record in the fields of tracking and security gives us the utmost confidence that when security is paramount, and the safety of our valued clients is on the line; theirs is the technology required.

Hiddentec trackers are designed to securely transmit precise location data when it counts, which can then be monitored and tracked in real time by security and law enforcement officers in the event of an emergency situation.

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