Flat tyres won’t stop us!

Range Rover used for high value transporation

We are pleased to announce that our Armoured Range Rovers have been fitted with the RunFlat system. So now if a tyre becomes deflated, our vehicles are able to continue their journey until its passengers and contents reach a safe place.

This is yet another step in Security Drivers International utilising cutting-edge and military grade technology to help ensure the safety of your high-value assets.

RunFlat systems, from RunFlat International, enable vehicles to remain mobile with deflated tyres and escape potentially dangerous and hostile situations. The product has been extensively tested and is widely used on United Nations vehicles, VIP vehicles and various European government agencies.

The RunFlat is manufactured from a unique composite material, ensuring the vehicle can continue following terrain or ballistic impact. For the Range Rover, RunFlat International have developed a Dynamic RunFlat system made of two segments bolted around the wheel rim, which enables the vehicle to continue its journey with deflated tyres.

Check out the videos below to see RunFlat in action.

Wheel with RunFlat system in place

Enhanced protection with our Armoured Range Rover

With its innovative design and high level of occupant protection (Level B6), coupled with our specialist Advanced Security Drivers, our Armoured Range Rover is ideal for high value asset protection.

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