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Truck carrying high value assets

We are often asked which countries we travel to when carrying out our vehicle security escort services—and how do we ensure we don’t lose contact with the vehicles we are escorting due to traffic lights, junctions and tolls.

Whilst it sounds relatively easy to follow a large truck as a security escort, it can be difficult—especially in large cities like London and Paris. We obviously do not have immunity against any traffic violations and the safety of our drivers and other road-users is paramount. Occasionally, the truck drivers are not informed of our surveillance in case the drivers have been compromised, which makes it doubly difficult to keep contact with the vehicle. However, through utilising military grade tracking technology, we do have ways of ensuring we know exactly where the vehicle is at any point in the journey.

If there are no suitably sized cargo aircraft within the UK that travel to the client’s required final destinations, the only options are to travel to Luxembourg or Liege and escort the trucks carrying the assets, where they are easily loaded onto large cargo aircraft for onward travel.

We regularly travel to Maastricht, several destinations in Switzerland and other EU areas with assets to/from various exhibitions, both public and private, to escort trucks or carry the items ourselves in our armoured vehicles.

The longest journey we have so far carried out was a round trip total of 6,000 miles. The client was providing a private viewing for invited guests over ten days in an EU country. Neither the client nor the insurers could find a verified security company in country to transport the assets from the local airport to the venue so Security Drivers International were tasked to meet the aircraft and carry out the transfer.

The destination was 1,500 miles from London which took two days to complete and then we returned to London. We went out from London again some days later on the same journey to retrieve the assets, with the total distance travelled for the escort being 6,000 miles.

On a daily basis our highly-trained, experienced team are continuously trusted to escort and transport high value luxury assets to and from a variety of locations. For more information on these services, please see the following links:

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