Security Escort of High Value Loads

Threatening looking hijacker with a crowbar

Security Drivers International were originally approached by a company in 1999 that were concerned about the safety of the drivers of their delivery trucks that were transporting items of immense value.

The EU figures for items stolen in transit at this time was 8.6 billion Euros per year. There were many instances of the vehicles being hijacked by gangs seeking to appropriate the items being carried for personal gain and to sell on the black market, highlighting the need for security escorts of vehicles.

The vehicles that we used on secure operations were already fitted with professional tracking systems by Hiddentec and we decided to install live streaming cameras as used by the police to offer a comprehensive security package to the client.

Our task was to follow the vehicle which was carrying the high value assets and enable the customer to view a map with the exact location of the vehicle and to view live images from the camera until it reached its destination. The route was pre planned and geofenced by our trackers so it would trigger an alarm if the vehicle went outside of the geofenced route. In the event of a hijack, the live images would automatically download to our servers and would assist the police in any investigation.

This was mostly carried out within the UK but nowadays this has extended into other EU countries and these escorts have now become a regular feature of our Secure Services and is used by a diverse client base that wish to protect their valuable loads. Security Drivers International now have the latest HD cameras and trackers including a bespoke ANPR system.

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